Streamy, Pownce & Popfly invites up for grabs


This is not a feeble attempt to increase my Web 2.0 coolness by following tip #5 in “5 Top Tips on How to be Cool in a Web 2.0 Crowd“, but since I like to play around with new apps and sites I have some of the latest coolness currency to distribute. What I am talking about is of course beta invites to all those services that are trying to get maximum hype by creating more demand than supply. So I have a few invites for anybody who wants. Just leave a comment on this post why you want an invite and unless you have a really crappy reason I’ll give you the ones I have.

  • Pownce – This is Kevin Rose’s (of Digg and Revision3 fame) latest project and one of the most hyped startups the last few months. It has been called a Twitter killer, it has been called a new Social Network, it has been called ICQ on steroids. However you choose to classify it it is damn cool and had a great userinterface and lets you chat and send files to your friends. You can read a good review on Tech-Buzz.
  • Microsoft Popfly – Microsofts Mashup Builder that shows of their new Silverlight platform. Pretty cool and it has good potential to mature into something really usefull. But right now they go a bit overboard with the effects sometimes when everything is semi-transparent and things are spinning all over the place.
  • Streamy – An RSS reader with a social touch. Innovative AJAX user interface that is quite cool, even if not that usefull. Mashable has written a long post about Streamy.

Enjoy your new toys and remember me if you happen to stumble over beta invites to the next big things.