Vote for the Best Swedish API


A week after launching the Swedish API directory it has already grown by 10%, from 200 to 220 Swedish APIs. We are very happy with this and with the great feedback we have received.

To further help focus the attention on local Swedish APIs we are now starting a competition to find out which is the best Swedish API. After about 2 weeks of voting we hope to present the best API the country has to offer!

Introducing the Swedish API directory


We at Dopter have just released the Swedish API directory. It is a directory with over 200 Swedish APIs organised and easily searchable.

We have noticed a real need for this during the last few years when we have been working with our customers and their APIs. There have been a real lack of a one-stop-shop to let developers find Swedish APIs and it has been hard for Swedish API providers to reach developers. Now we hope to have solved that problem…