Customer Projects
This is a selection of the projects I have done for various customers. Unfourtunatly this is a very and cryptic list since not all companies want me to talk about projects I have done for them…

  • Apple Premium Resellers Sweden – implemented a Sales related web based system

More coming soon…

My Own Projects
These are some of the projects that I am running myself or that I am involved in. – chat solution for Ning, Facebook and other social networks using Meebos and Userplanes chat rooms. Built on Google App Engine. – Mexico first, best and largest TV Schedule site. – price comparison for web hosting providers with a whole lot of userfull search options – my Swedish blog about APIs and Mashups

Projects in Progress
These are some of the projects that I am working on right now, but that are not live yet. – detailed statistics about F1 Races and F1 History from 1950 up until today.

More projects are in the works, but I am not ready to talk about them just yet….