These are some of the services I provide. Even if I am based in Helsingborg, Sweden I work internationally, remotely or on location.

Mashup Presentations & Work Shops
Mashups and open APIs is not just a technology, it is also a new way of thinking. By presenting this new way of thinking I can open your eyes to the possibilities in your own organisation. This could be done either by a short non-technical presentation about the business possibilities or by a deep technical work shop where we start using mashups with your own systems.

Contact me if you want to know more about the possibilities of mashups.

Mashup Expertise
For years I have been working with mashups, open APIs, web scraping, cloud computing etc. I can help you with strategies, planning and implementation of enterprise mashups.

If you need mashups, then contact me!

Web Scraping 
After 3 years at Kapow Technologies I am very familiar with how to collect data from the web, either using Kapow Mashup Server robots or other options. I am well aware of the problems that need to be solved to make a stable enterprise web scraping solution, and how to solve them. With web scraping it is possible to use HTML/Javascript and the whole web as a big database and a big source of functionality.

Do you need help with web scraping? Contact me and we can discuss your needs.

I do supply various programming services. I mainly  work in PHP (CodeIgniter) and Python (Django), but I also have experience in various other programming languages. If it fits the project I prefer to use open source solutions such as WordPress or Drupal since this makes it possible to implement a solution quicker.

Can I help you with development? Let me know what you need!