Update: I am not active on this blog anymore (lack of time), instead follow me on twitter or read my swedish language blog about APIs.

My name is Andreas Krohn and I work with mashups, web scraping and other similar technologies to create web applications that have a higher value for the end user than the sum of the parts. In practice this means that I use all the data and functionality available on the internet and intranets and combine it into something new and valuable. There has never been more data and functionality easily available as there is today, and it would be a waste not to take advantage of that. I both use my skills to create my own web sites and web applications as well as do consulting in the areas of Enterprise Mashups and Web Scraping.

Previously to starting my own company I learned a lot about Mashups and Web Scraping (aka Web Harvesting, Web Data Collection etc…) by working very closely with it for 3 years at Kapow Technologies, where I worked as the Senior Product Manager. In my position at Kapow I have presented Mashups at JavaOne, Web 2.0 Expo, Adobe MAX and many other conferences. The job also included keeping up to date with what happened in the enterprise mashup space, so I have hands on experience from most of the tools and services. Before Kapow I also spent quite a few years as a Java programmer and way before that I got myself a degree in Computer Science that includes studies in Lund, Sweden, in Hull, UK and in Montreal, Canada.

I live in Helsingborg, Sweden (och pratar svenska ibland) as well as some short stints in Mexico (hablo espaƱol tambien).

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