LOLCatService – the most pointless web service ever


I have just launched the most pointless web service ever constructed – It is a REST Service that allows you to search for LOLCats in an easy way so you can embed this absolutely crucial feature in your web apps and mashups. The very idea of it is so pointless that I just had to implement it.

It all started at Mashup Camp 5 in Dublin where I built openkapow robots on request during speed geeking (basically speed dating for demos). Tom from Yahoo asked me to build a LOLCat REST Service and that was such an utterly pointless and stupid request that it stuck. So this whole service is of course pointless, but it is so pointless that it is cool.

The cool part of the service is that it literally took me a couple of hours to do it all, including writing the openkapow robot and building the site. The most time consuming part was to wait for my domain server changes to propagate.