10 years old


Today, it is exactly 10 years since I bought the domain It was September 13th 1999 when I registered the domain, before that I was a domain virigin. For most of the time it has been a really bad web site to market my consulting skills, that it was bad didn’t really matter since I had employment for most of the time anyway. For years the only reason I kept the domain was to have my own private email address and not use my work email or hotmail for my private stuff (yes, this was BEFORE GMail, it was that long ago).

There have been versions in Swedish, Spanish and English (even a breif French one) depending on where in the world I were at any given moment and the designs have varied quite a lot, as you can see below. A few years ago I started blogging and since then has been a perfectly OK blog. Here’s a look back at old designs…

1999 – 2002
Not much to say… it was one of my first web pages and I have learned a lot since then. At least I didn’t have a spinning @ sign or any applets on the page!

Digitalistic 1999-2002

2002 – early 2006
Here’s the Spanish version of the second generation of I still use the logo from back then, even if the colours have changed (thanks Kemie for the great logo!). 2003-2006

2006 – early 2008
Then the blogging started…

Digitalistic 2006-2008

(Both Pownce and Popfly that I had invites to back then are not dead – RIP Pownce!)

2008 – 20??
You are looking at it! (or if you are reading the RSS feed, you could be looking at

I have no plans to let go and it will be my main domain for quite some time. It will be cool to see how it develops during the next 10 years (assuming we still use domains in 10 years that is).

Goodbye Kapow and thanks for all the fish


As of May 1st I am no longer working as Product Manager at Kapow Technologies, instead I am now an “independent internet professional” which is just a fancy way of saying that I think I can make my fortunes by myself. I have worked for Kapow during the last 3 years, and it has been a great time. It’s a company with a great product, great people and a great future. However, Kapow’s future doesn’t match up with what I have planned for my own future.

Now I will concentrate on creating something of my own, and I will be sure to keep you in the loop of what that is. Of course it will involve mashup technologies and remixing data, as that is what I am good at. Also I think that there are good possibilities to spread the word of mashups in Sweden, I have already done some of that, for example at the Web Service Awards last year in Stockholm.

So… Goodbye Kapow and thanks for all the fish, but now it is time for me to live the life without paychecks but with endless possibilities. Part of that life is making looking better, something that I hope you have already noticed. Thank you very much to Kemie at for doing a much needed upgrade of the site!