F1Almanac.com – The Worlds Greatest F1 racing site?


A couple of weeks ago we launched the F1 site I have mentioned before – F1Almanac.com. The goal with the site is to create the worlds greatest Formula 1 racing site, with an incredible depth and breadth of statistics for the hardcore racing fans. We already have a huge amount of data about every race since 1950 – that includes data about every race, every car, every driver and every track – and we keep collecting more data. Every F1 race is viewed by 600 milion TV viewers world wide (Brazil and China each has 150 milion viewers per race), so it is one of the worlds most popular sports. With the unique collection of data we have we have great hopes that F1Almanac.com will attract a lot of interest.

For now it is just a temporary site to start getting the name out while we are working hard on the upcoming feature rich real site, hopefully within a few months. If you want to us to tell you as soon as we have the real F1Almanac.com up and running then please sign up to our newsletter. At the moment we are mocking up screens like crazy, and soon it is time to write some code.

If you have any ideas how to make F1Almanac.com as great as possible please let me know!

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